Spring softball CLINICS

Wanna learn from some of the best local softball instructors? Octavia Bond (CAL) and Annie Aldrete (TN,CAL) are holding a 2 hour clinic on Saturday May 18th from 10:00 - 12:00

The 1st hour will focus on defense and fielding with Octavia leading the infield drills, mechanics, and being mentally prepared. Annie will be demonstrating the catching drills and mechanics that she used to become an All American at University of Tennessee and a member of the USA Women’s National team.

Hitting is the focus of the 2nd hour with Octavia teaching the small hitting game of bunting, slap hitting, etc. Annie will be teaching players how to hit with consistent power!


Due to client demand, we are offering session registrations on May 18th for hitting OR fielding with either Annie or Octavia. Contact Don at don@thefieldhouse.net for availability.

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Hour 1 – Annie: Catching

Catching, stance, receiving, framing, blocking, combined, throwing footwork, throw, bunts, plays at the plate, controlling the field.

Hour 2 – Annie: Hitting (Power) SOLD OUT!

Measure off, check your stance, check your swing, grip, rest. stride, load (separation), swing.

Drills: Knob knob, top hand open, dig to finish, extension, separation, knee on the ground, full swing, front toss

Hour 1 – Octavia: Infield

Throwing mechanics, ground ball fielding mechanics, athletic stance, smooth athletic approach, timing into getting set on the field, short hops down the middle, forehand break down, back hand break down, attack mentality.

Hour 2 – Octavia: Bunting, Slapping (Short game)

Measure, checking stance, checking grip, rest, proper slapping footwork, timing, and emphasis

Drills: Footwork timing, Drag bunting approach, Bat angling when bunting, Elbow to shortstop, Balancing board, Cross-over stance, Extension, Finish, Footwork continuation through the pitcher, Full slapping, 

Annie Aldrete Bio:

  • Catcher/Hitter

  • University of Tennessee (2014-2015)

  • Participated in the Women’s college World Series in 2015

  • All American (2014, National Freshman of the Year 2014)

  • All SEC & All Region both years at Tennessee

  • Only player at Tennessee to hit 15+ HRs in back to back years

  • Tied single season HR record & single game RBI record

  • USA Women’s National Team

  • CAL Softball

  • Played professional softball overseas in Italy

Octavia Bond Bio:

  • Infielder/Outfielder/Slapper

  • CAL Softball

  • Pac-12 All-Academic Honorable Mention (2016)

  • Third degree black belt in Taekwondo

  • First degree black belt in Kumdo

  • First degree black belt in Hapkido

Aldrete 2019 Softball Camp
Bond 2019 Softball Camp