2018-19 Winter Baseball Camps

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2018-19 Winter Baseball Camps


The Fieldhouse is hosting a 10 week winter youth baseball clinic.  The main focus of the academy is to prepare players for the upcoming 2019 spring season.  Players will learn fundamentals and proper technique from ex-collegiate and professional coaches.

Camp will focus primarily on hitting with guest instructors to teach other disciplines.

Hitting: Using proper body movements and consistent approaches to generate more consistent and powerful swings.  Individual attention and drills to give each player the tools necessary to execute their "BEST" swings.

Pitching, Catching, Defense:  Guess instructors to help individual pitchers, small group catching and defensive drills will also be demonstrated.

Athleticism:  Conditioning, eye-hand coordination drills, and other fun drills will be incorporated into the camp.

Players will receive a Fieldhouse T-Shirt.  Space will be limited per age group.

$200 for all 10 weeks.  Limited drop-ins accepted for $25.