The Fieldhouse has both baseball and softball instructors that meet our high standards of coaching. Each instructor has their own unique philosophy on how to get the most out of each athlete. Each instructor is challenged with finding the right mechanics, body movements, and mental approach to each player. Select either Baseball Instructors or Softball Instructors to get details on each instructor.

Softball Instructors

  • Kat Heinrich

  • Octavia Bond

  • Abigail Murphy

  • Kiko Garcia

  • Rich Balswick

Baseball Instructors

  • Don Gieseke (owner)

  • Matt Jarvis (ex-MLBer)

  • Shaun Morris (Professional Instructor)

  • Mark Anderson (ex-St. Mary’s player)

For more information,
contact Don Gieseke at or
call 925-446-6568 / 925-708-6427